Why Dogs Growl?

Why Dogs Growl?
When did the last time you saw a growling dog and a thought ended up in your mind saying ‘leave this dog alone right now’ and you maintain a distance from him. I am sure majority of us have this reaction when we encounter a growling dog.
Most people thinks that growling is a sign of warning from the dog and most of the times it is a warning infact. It is very good to know more about dog growling and ways to stop it so that dog owners can understand it better.
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Why Dogs Growl?

Growling is a way of communication for dogs through which they like to tell anyone (human beings or other creatures) near them that they do not want anyone near him. Dogs growl in pain, anger, suffering, fear, or territorial possessiveness.
Dog growling can further lead to serious problem and aggression and hence should be treated well in time. Most importantly it’s important for dog owners to understand the main reason and the problem behind the growling of their dog or for matter any dog.
The following can be the reasons of your dog growling:
Fear: If you take your dog to a new and unfamiliar place and he starts growling looking at strangers or children near him, fear is the reason of his growling and he is afraid of that place or unfamiliar people.
Pain: If your dog growls when he is touched at some part of his body, most probably he is growling as he suffering from pain. You should take your dog to a veterinary quickly as possible.
Territorial: If the dog starts growling at a stranger who has come to your house or his place for something or some work, he is probably protecting his territory as he wants to ensure that his place is safe from any kind of external powers.

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