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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

7 Best Places to Visit in Satara for a Remarkable Trip!

Although it’s one of the lesser-known destinations in Maharashtra, there are several cool places to visit in Satara. It’s one of the top places to visit near Sajjangad and is home to countless diverse attractions that will blow you away. Just take a look at a tourist map of Satara online and you’ll know what we mean! Holding an incredibly rich heritage, Satara occupies a prominent place in the region’s history as well. This vacation, come down to Satara district India and explore the unique wonders it has to offer! Have a peek at some of the best ever places to visit in Satara listed below.

Top Satara tourist places and attractions to explore:

While many of you may be aware of the awesome places to hangout in Mumbai, there are plenty of cool places to visit in Satara as well. You can visit at least a couple of them even if making a sudden trip on last minute flights. There are some awesome trekking places near Satara as well. Check out the most popular attractions listed below and decide where you’d like to start your sightseeing first.

1. Kaas Plateau Satara

The stunning Kaas Plateau Satara is among the most interesting places to explore in the region. Also popularly referred to as Satara Kas Pathar, it is a sprawling laterite plateau that formed as a result of volcanic eruptions. Located approximately 24 km away, it’s among the best places to visit near Satara in rainy season. Replete with gorgeous flowers, the Kaas Plateau is a popular picnic spot. The amazing thing is, despite the last of vegetation in the region, there is an abundance of thriving flora and fauna.

2. Thoseghar Waterfalls

Those who love waterfalls will find this is among the most beautiful places to visit in Satara. One of the highest waterfalls in the country, Thoseghar Waterfall is a popular monsoon destination in Satara. Its location on the edge of the stunning Konkan region adds to its beauty and charm. Besides an ideal picnic spot, this is among the most photogenic places to visit in Satara. Take your camera along when you visit and capture the breathtaking sight of waters cascading down a height of approximately 500 meters.

3. Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary

This is among the top places to visit in Satara for wildlife enthusiasts arriving on business class flights. It’s a good place to trek a bit and spot exotic wildlife that calls the sanctuary home. Not only will you enjoy spotting the animals, but you will also be able to take in the picturesque beauty of the surrounding Western Ghats. The place is an absolute paradise for animal lovers. Some of the most stunning animals you can hope to spot are tigers, bison, reptiles, and a lot of birds.

4. Chalkewadi Windmill Farms

What’s so special about a windmill farm, you may ask? Actually, there are plenty of special things about this windmill farm. One of these things is that it is among the largest windmill farms in the Asian continent. It was started as a small project aimed at the production of clean energy. Today, there are scores of windmills that span across an area of approximately 5 km. The windmill farm provides electricity to not just Satara but also to its neighboring regions of Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani.

5. Koyna Dam

One of the largest dams in the state, Koyna Dam is also among the most scenic places to visit in Satara. Built during the early 1960s on the spectacular Koyna River, the dam is among the chief engineering projects post the Indian independence. The Koyna dam is Western Maharashtra’s main source of water. It also plays a crucial role in controlling floods during the monsoon season. Besides hydroelectricity, the dam provides water for irrigation purposes as well.

6. Vasota Fort

The Vasota Fort is among the best places to visit in Satara for history enthusiasts. The epic fort is located on the banks of the pristine Shivsagar Lake and hedged by water on three sides. While a considerable portion of this ancient fort lies in ruins, it is still one of the finest examples of Maratha architecture. Among other structures, the fort complex is home to two remarkable temples. Since the fort is a massive one to explore, be physically (and mentally) prepared to trek quite a bit.

7. Pateshwar Temple

For spiritually-inclined travelers, the Pataleshwar Temple is among the best places to visit in Satara. Dedicated to Hindu deity Shiva, this ancient cave temple holds immense significance to Hindus in India. Make sure to include a visit to this temple in your itinerary when arriving on cheap tickets to India for a Satara trip. The stunning architecture, the balmy weather, and the tranquil ambiance will leave you in an enchanted state of mind. Do examine the temple construction, the stunning carvings, the beautiful sculptures, and idols among other things.

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