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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Everything you need to know about how much a cleaner costs

Do you work all day and when you get home are you dust? Raising the option of hiring a maid is not crazy. Do you know how much a cleaner costs? ECO FMS Cleaning advises you on the aspects that you must take into account when looking for domestic workers.

Do not think about it anymore, we all deserve to rest. When you get home after work, just lie down and rest, the rest we do.

Advantages of knowing how much a cleaner costs

Currently, the social idea that a cleaner costs a lot of money is widespread. But this is not entirely true.

There are many factors that can influence budgets. Obviously, some cleaning professionals will have higher prices than others, but almost all of us could have access to them.

Knowing how much a cleaner costs is important to be able to choose with much more criteria and also, we can avoid any type of scam.

Aspects to keep in mind about how much a cleaner costs

Do you know why that price changes between one and the other? Attentive because in this post we tell you everything! This is how household employees count their budget:

Time allocated to each cleaning task

The cleaning of the home can take, in many occasions, enough time.

More specifically, there will be some that have to spend much more effort and minutes than others. The corners, the ceilings, the facades, etc. they are much more complex elements in terms of access and difficulty of cleaning.

It is good to specify in the types of contracts, how much each of the tasks costs, so as not to take frights because, as we already know, a contract for hours is usually signed.

Schedule established

Setting a budget for hourly cleaning is also imperative.

Specifying in the types of work contracts how many hours are going to be allocated to household chores is also important to avoid any type of scam.

This point will help us know how much a cleaner costs.

Cleaning cost according to the size of the house

Is your house big or small? Are you aware that this aspect will completely change the price you must pay for a cleaning service, right?

Another essential aspect to calculate how much a cleaner costs is the size of the home.

It would not make any sense to clean different homes or facilities have the same compensation or salary for domestic employees. That is to say, to greater capacity, greater effort, greater time, and greater remuneration.

The experience

To know how much a cleaner costs, it is essential to know your experience.

The years worked and the positions occupied are an excellent indicator to know the professionalism of a maid.

But not only serves us for that, but also, to know how much that person can get charged.

In short, your extensive experience should be reflected in your remuneration.

Products and machinery

The need to use specific products for the cleaning of certain elements such as carpets, sofas, etc. or the requirement of machinery for different types of floors, walls, etc. will increase the final price of cleaning services.

Normally, when we dedicate ourselves to this type of professional cleaning, the work for hour’s increases and it is interesting to know how much a cleaner costs to avoid taking us any surprise once the work is finished.

Other extra services

Normally, the assistants not only dedicate themselves to cleaning tasks, but also extend their services to others such as:

Do laundry



Caring for the children or the elderly in the house

Or other tasks in this same sense that, often, cannot be carried out by the owners of the house for work, for trips, etc.

Social Security

Enlisting in the social security to the employees of the home is essential. The law protects both, contracted and contracted.

This is important for the cleaner to do her job in the best way and safely.

Prices of a cleaner according to the type of household

Currently, the estimates are between 8 and 17 euros, which vary depending on the size of the home.

Small homes

As is logical, prices will be lower due to the dimensions. Therefore, the budget is reduced depending on the decrease in time, the smaller amount of products used, etc.

Large homes

Those that have several floors, garden, pool, etc. they require greater efforts, qualifications, machinery and products.

In this way, the price will adapt to these requirements.

How much does a cleaner cost for community maintenance and cleaning services?

The communities, normally, usually hire different cleaning companies to carry out a constant maintenance of the different infrastructures and common areas.

This avoids discussions and neighborhood problems. Therefore, we advise hiring a cleaning company such as ECO FMS that can respond to any type of contingency that may arise.

Has your neighbor's son left the traces of his chocolate hands in the mirror? Has the fifth dog stained the ground with his legs? Do not worry! By contracting our services we will always keep all common areas impeccable. Hygiene is our hallmark!

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